Kerosene/Premium kerosene

Also known as Domestic Heating oil, is the most common heating oil for homes that are unable to connect to mains gas.

Gas Oil

Also known as Red Diesel, used to fuel agricultural machinery, diggers, generators and construction equipment.



Also know as Road Diesel or White Diesel and is used for cars, trucks and vans to operate on public roads.


Propane & Butane Gas

Propane is used for outdoor use for things like your gas cooker, BBQ’s and patio heaters as it functions well in lower temperature.

Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets are the most common fuel for biomass boilers. They can also be used for animal bedding.


Wood Chip

Wood Chip is wood that has been chipped into small to medium size pieces and can be dried to a specific moisture content dependant on the boiler requirements.  It can also be used for animal bedding.

Tank Service

A tank service includes the inspection of tank condition and a tank risk report. We will then dip check for any water that is present in your tank. All work is carried out by our qualified OFTEC Technician.

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Our Monthly Budget Payment Plan

At James D Bilsland we always strive to make your experience when buying oil easy and stress free . Apply for our monthly budget plan to spread the cost of your heating bill.