Oil Tank Health Check


Maintaining your tank regularly is important to prevent any potential problems. It’s more than likely at some point your oil tank will contain water. This is due to condensation that occurs from temperature differences on the inside and outside of the tank. Water may also enter the tank through any unseen cracks/rust in the body or seals of the tank. In the winter this water may freeze and this cannot be resolved until thawed. Often we have customers questioning whether this water has been delivered with the fuel however this is not the case. Water has a very low solubility in fuel oils. Delivery tankers are never flushed with water or with water based cleaning agents. Tankers are all fitted with water trapping and filtration systems. Did you know James D Bilsland offers a tank servicing solution?

What are the benefits of servicing your tAnk

•Prevent system damage

•Protects the environment

•Avoid spills and contamination

•No unexpected future costly repairs

•Prevent potential damage to your property

What does our service offer

•Dip to indicate whether water is present

•Inspection of tank condition and provide tank risk report

•If water is present, we can remove & Dispose of it in accordance with environmental regulations (Additional Cost).

Our registered OFTEC Technician will review the over all condition of the tank and provide advice and tips of when you should replace it or how you can maintain your tank to extend its life. Any questions just ask!


Visual Inspection

it’s a good idea to check your tank on a monthly basis. Just like servicing a car your tank can become unsafe between services. Our drivers will always carry out a visual inspection before a delivery which you can do too. Some things to check for:

  • Cracks- Check for any small or large cracks in the Body of your tank.

  • Discolouration - if the tank is turning white or fading due to sun exposure it may be time to replace your tank

  • Bulges- check for any bowing where the tank is bulging.

  • Smell - If you are able to smell kerosene strongly you may have a tank leak.

  • Stains - If there is any stains or wet patches around your tank this would suggest a leak.

  • Corrosion- Check all pipework for any rust or damage.

What to do to prevent tank Damage

Asides from regularly servicing your tank, fuel additives are a brilliant way to help increase the lifespan of your tank. They are designed to increase the efficiency of your oil and lubricate your heating oil system to reduce carbon deposits which improves the efficiency of the system and ensures a more complete combustion of your oil. James D Bilsland offers Bilslands Premium Kerosene for Boilers when ordering fuel or we sell a range of Fuel additives.

To book your tank service phone us on 01360660264 or request a quote using our online form.

* Note: Delivery is subject to a mileage charge out with 35 mile radius from our main depot based in Croftamie, Call for details.

Just getting in touch to say that Dougie has just been and taken approx. 60litres of water out of my oil tank! He explained everything to me well and gave very good advice to the future maintenance of tank. So glad that I have had it checked and serviced, well worth the price for peace of mind! Thanks Dougie.
— Elizabeth