We’re always looking for ways to save on our heating, but what if your boiler is running poorly? Some times its best to invest to save in the long run. By making sure that your system is running as efficiently as possible, you can reduce the amount of oil you use and avoid expensive repair costs.

Bilslands premium kerosene contains components which reduce the build up of carbon and soot deposits in your central heating boiler. This means that your boiler stays cleaner for longer resulting in increased boiler efficiency, in turn this lowers your carbon footprint and you can achieve a more complete burn of your fuel which can save you money.

It works by cleaning up dirty fuel systems, Storage tank and boilers. Over time sludge can build up in your storage tank until eventually gets stirred up enough upon tank refilling that it then blocks the in-line filters. If you have a pressure jet boiler, deposits of carbon can build up on surfaces.

all fuels create some sort of carbon foot print. However the use of Bilslands premium kerosene allows your system to burn more efficiently and cleaner. With its high quality fuel additives, premium kerosene home heating oil will help your boiler produce less CO2 than standard kerosene making it cleaner, greener and more efficient. With Bilslands premium kerosene there is no need for any costly upgrades to your boiler system. you can upgrade to premium with out upgrading your system or removing existing fuel .


•Stabilises fuel – increases its shelf life

•Inhibits sludge formation

•Reduces deposit build up around nozzles and on heat exchange surfaces

•Reduces service problems

•Improves system efficiency

•Better for environment

If you are already a customer and would like to make the switch to our premium kerosene enter your details below or notify us via our Live Chat. Alternatively if you want to order use our request a quote form or to discuss further give us a phone on 01360 660264

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Just wanted to say many thanks for the very quick response, it was much appreciated. We had just arrived here not for a minute anticipating the oil had run out! Two not so young humans and one elderly basset hound are very grateful to you.
— Vanessa McCormack - Feb 2018