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Gas Oil Supreme

This additive is designed to benefit both mineral diesel and biodiesel blends. It is a gas oil upgrade product formulated to allow modern diesel engines calibrated on EN590 DERV to run on red diesel. It prevents deposit formation throughout the fuel delivery system, especially in the injectors and fuel pump, to keep the system clean and running at optimum performance. Available in 500 ml Bottles- Treats 1,000 litres.

Increased cetane number

  • Gas Oil Supreme provides easier starting

  • This fuel additive increases pulling power

  • It also creates smoother power delivery

  • Reduced visible emissions (smoke)

  • This fuel additive improves combustion efficiency

  • Aligns with modern engine calibrations

Increased fuel lubricity

  • It helps to compensate for sulphur reduction in fuels

  • Gas Oil Supreme protects against premature wear in fuel pumps and fuel injectors and reduces friction

Enhanced water resistance

  • It prevents emulsions forming and resultant filter blockages

  • Exocet Gas Oil Supreme keeps water out of the fuel