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Exocet Anti Bug Kill

This additive has been formulated to remove microbiological contamination (diesel bug) from your tank The first sign of this occurring is the blocking of filters with a sludgy black/brown substance. Other symptoms can include poor engine performance, clogged fuel lines and engine failure. Available in 500ml bottles. Treats 10,000 litres.

  • Broad spectrum additive covering a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast

  • Has an immediate effect and does not add to sludge or slime build-up

  • Clean-up rates are 24-36 hours

  • Eliminates plugging of filters and gauges

  • Protects against tank and pipe corrosion

  • Does not adversely affect fuel combustion or emissions quality

  • Fully compatible with steels, aluminium and zinc and with polyethylene and polypropylene

  • Has no adverse affect on waste water systems or municipal sewage treatment

  • Approved as a fuel additive by: Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN, NATO, Deutz, Shell, the Swiss Army