Top 5 Tips For Your Gas BBQ

Gas grills are seen as convenient and easy to use alternative to charcoal BBQ. For some people after a hard days work its just easier to turn on the gas rather than lighting a charcoal grill. Here’s 5 tips for if you already own or are considering purchasing a Gas Grill.

1.Remember to Preheat your grill

Just because you are using a gas grill does not mean you can skip preheating your BBQ as you would with a charcoal. it’s tempting to jump the gun and get cooking right away and although turning the gas on creates instant flames you need to wait till some of that heat transfers to the grates of the BBQ before you start chucking food on. Once you have turned on your grill, give it 10 to 15 minutes with the lid closed to heat up before cooking.

2. Keep your Grill clean

Having a dirty grill can affect the taste, look and smell of your food. We know on top of the dishes it isn’t ideal having the grill to clean on top of that although it is important. Start to clean your grill once its off and cooled down but not so much that any food stuck has began to harden. Alternatively you can clean any hardened food once it has Preheated before you have began cooking. Both methods use a grill brush to scrape off and remove any food that has stuck.

3. Cook at the correct temperature

Even though your grill has a high setting, it doesn’t mean everything should be cooked at full blast. Thin cuts of lamb, pork, or beef should be cooked hot and fast at a high temperature . More fragile items like such as vegetables, fish and chicken are best cooked at a medium heat. Whole Chickens and thick cuts of meat need to be cooked on a low heat sitting next to the flame rather than on top of it.

4. Watch your grill.

A successful BBQ means paying attention to the grill. Whether its stepping away to go check the score of a game, preparing other food or just socialising with family and friends, not keeping an eye on the grill could jeopardise your dinner! This is especially true for burgers, chops and steaks which are usually cooked at a high temperature very quickly. to avoid this have all preparations done before-hand and keep checking your food.

5. Make sure you have plenty propane

Running out of fuel half way through cooking leaving loads of hungry guests to go refill your propane tank just sounds like a nightmare. Keep an extra bottle of fuel on hand so you never have to worry about it. Always make sure the valve is tightly closed after your done to prevent any leakage.