Guide To Kerosene

From originally being used in oil lamps from the 1860s It’s now estimated around 1.5 million homes in the UK use Kerosene to heat there homes. This is more common in houses that are off the mains gas grid. Kerosene is one of the main heating oils used to heat homes with in the UK, however gas oil is more popular within Europe. Where as In the UK gas oil is more likely used in the agricultural sector used to power tractors and other machinery.

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Benefits of Kerosene

  • When it comes to home heating kerosene is one of the cheapest options. Although due to the ever fluctuating market prices vary through out the year.

  • From the lack of fumes it produces, kerosene is seen as a more environmentally fuel than wood or coal. Despite this kerosene does emit some poisonous gases which can be harmful if breathed in. This is why storage tanks are best kept outside.

  • It’s a non corrosive fuel which means it can be stored and kept for years if maintained correctly.

  • Highly efficient fuel, so you get a good return for each unit of energy.

  • Can be used for cookers such as AGA and other traditional ranges.

Other uses for kerosene

Kerosene uses range from fuel for oil lamps to jet fuel, heating oil, cleaning agents or fuel for cooking. It can be used efficiently and safely in many different ways. Uses for kerosene are generally more popular for heat and power especially for houses that are off the mains gas grid, but as you can see kerosene is capable than more than that. One of the more dangerous uses of the oil would be in the entertainment industry when it is used in fire breathing, juggling and dancing.