Bilslands Premium Kerosene for cookers is designed to improve the burn quality of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being utilised. It contains components which reduce the build up of carbon and soot deposits. It works by cleaning up dirty fuel systems, Storage tank and boilers.


  • Exocet Cooker lowers char value

  • This fuel additive reduces build up of carbon deposits and soot

  • It inhibits growth of deposits in fuel storage tanks

  • Minimises the potential for fuel tank corrosion

  • Increases the fuel shelf life

  • Reduces service problems

  • Exocet Cooker is good for use when a fuel storage tank has a low turnover

  • Good for use when your burner continually ‘chokes’ up and/or fuel pipe blocks

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Just wanted to say many thanks for the very quick response, it was much appreciated. We had just arrived here not for a minute anticipating the oil had run out! Two not so young humans and one elderly basset hound are very grateful to you.
— Vanessa McCormack - Feb 2018