Buying Your Heating Oil Early

As summer nights are drawing in and winter is slowly but surely upon us, as every year, many are predicting a bad one. No matter the weather, it’s always best to purchase your winter heating oil as early as possible. Not only do you experience lower prices in early months, delivery times are reduced and pressure is relieved on our fleet of delivery drivers during the winter months.

Heating Oil Prices

The Christmas period and the added low temperatures brings a much higher demand of heating oil. Having bought your heating oil October/ early November you are more likely to experience a lower cost due to the lower demand for oil. During the Christmas period nobody wants to be left without heating oil or spend it worrying about when your going to run out so naturally people order during this time. This means choosing to top up during October/ early November you could possibly save a significant amount of money.

Delivery Times

Especially come December not only do we have the increase in demand slowing things down, we have typical British winter weather challenging our capability to deliver your winter fuel. Snow, ice, wind and rain can all affect this and sometimes even add days onto delivery time. This is where buying your oil early will always benefit you, as whatever the weather is you’ll always have a heated home. Below is pictures of our drivers taking on last years “beast from the east”.

Bilsland snow tankers .jpg

Don’t Panic

We understand buying kerosene for your home is on the bottom of the list to do during the Christmas season, we recommend you keep a close eye on your oil monitor to avoid you unexpectedly running out of oil in the winter months. At Bilslands we would like to assure our customers that we do everything possible to get their deliveries out to them during adverse weather conditions, especially prioritising the vulnerable and elderly.